Mandeng Eletrik
"Mandeng Eletrik"

Order from MulattaPop

Release date: 2004

MP3: Yalayala

Eleven piece Pan-African Ensemble of singers, percussionists, xylophonists and flautists in live and digital collaborations with the best of NY City improvisers and electronic dance producers, including Will Calhoun, Bernie Worrell, Bill Ware and members of Organic Groove, creating a modern-traditional Mandengue dance and lounge music fit for the clubs and cafes of today's globalized metropolis. The Mandengue ethnic group are primarily from Mali and Guinea as are all the African members of this ensemble, with the exception of a remarkable Ethiopian singer.

"Whatever your fix, this record casts a gorgeous spell over all, reserving space in the ever-shrinking world where time and distance are not inaccessible but perfect complements to the new global ritual of technological expansion and artistic creation." (full review at Ethno Techno)