EEG Records was founded by Ayo Osinibi (world music specialist, DJ, and record producer), and composer/performer Dave Soldier, up and running since 2000. Detta is our web designer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do Web order CDs usually take?

  1. Orders take from one to three weeks.

Why don't you use FedEx to ship CDs?

  1. It's way too expensive, far more than the money we make on the CD! We would lose money on every CD sold.

Where can I buy your CDs besides this Web site?

  1. Our releases are carried by City Hall Distributors and available from Amazon and other online distributors. For downloading go to ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and Bandcamp. For streaming, most are on Spotify, AppleTunes, and Bandcamp.

Do you accept music demos?

  1. Sure! But realize that we can only release a small number of CDs as the medium has disappeared: we will find out if LPs of this music are a good direction. At present, most of the listening is via streaming, which hardly pays anything, and so now many of our newer releases are digital only.