Dave Soldier & Da Hip Hop Raskalz

Dave Soldier & Da Hip Hop Raskalz

A project featuring music by 5-10 year olds in East Harlem, at the Amber Charter School (and also Dave's nieces, Isabella and Michelle). Each group of four children name their own band, and we named the whole project Da Hiphop Raskalz. Four of the kids even designed the front cover. Dave has been coaching them after school to play and write hip-hop, and they do it extremely well even though none of the children has been previously trained on any conventional instrument The kids write the lyrics and sing and rap, and play all the instruments and program the drums! There are a very small number of commercial loops (only a few) but they choose them too!

Photos by Sarah Greene at left:
Daejanay and Sterling (both 6 years old) improvising on keyboard; Brooklyn (age 6) rapping; Brooklyn being coached by Dave.

I Don't Want You No More by Tuff Kidz
Jumpin' by ABC Group
Xtreme Team Funkydelic Mix by Xtreme Team Funkydelics
What's My Name by the Boy's and Girl's Club of the Night
Chickenwing by the Looneytunes
Do the Lollipop by Sweetness
I Want Candy by the Muffletoes

...And one by Dave's niece, who lives in Watertown, Massachusetts:
Ghosty by Isabella Azaroff (6)

Here is a special one not on the CD, written when the kids performed live at Great Performers at Lincoln Center (we're not kidding!!!),
We're Famous by the Famous Celebrities.

Read the recording notes to see who did what.

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Dave Soldier & Da Hip Hop Raskalz