The Thai Elephant Orchestra
"Water Music"

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$13.99 | CD | Catalog #MUL020
Release date: February, 2011

MP3: Teak Forest Mist

Water Music is the third and last recording of the grand Thai Elephant Orchestra, and features fourteen elephants improvising on giant instruments in the Thai jungle. This is the "purist" CD, with no human participation (except for a traditional Buddhist prayer for the elephant spirit by a monk on one track), editing or overdubs. Experimental composer Dave Soldier and elephant conservationist Richard Lair built giant instruments for the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. The elephants improvise long pieces with them with the only human instructions being to start and stop.  Their music have been widely televised and filmed, including several of the pieces on this CD, for a new documentary.

The Houston Press says that Water Music should receive a Grammy Award!

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